Create Your Digital Presence And Build A Beautiful Website With Digital Marketing in 2019

Hello Everybody Welcome to NKRACADEMY. We are passionate to Build Web, Mobile, Training and Marketing Solutions for Businesses and Individuals. So You All are already aware that in Today’s world, Digital Presence for your product, Services, Businesses or Even Individual’s Portfolio’s are not an option anymore Because it is a mandate now.

In the Article Below, We will find out ways to Create Digital Presence For your Business in 2019.

We Will Also Understand

  • Types of Digital Marketing

  • Role Of Digital Marketing

  • How to Do Digital Marketing

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  • Digital Presence And Role Of Digital Marketing

We all probably understand this fact but still, a very small proportion of Business or Individual can actually make a Successful Digital Presence. So to make a positive Impact in their Business or Individual Earnings Digital Presence is a must have. In This Article, I would be Addressing the Key Factors that should Determine the Success or Failure of the Digital Presence of a Business or Individual.


I will first start with Defining the Umbrella Terms Digital Presence to Bring Everyone to the same page here. By Digital Presence, we Understand the Entire Digital Media using which people can Buy or Sale product and Services, Interact with each other, Make and accept payments, search and promote their products and services and interact over the Internet and other connected Networks.


So Categorically, a Business or Individual can create an Effective Digital Presence Using the following Key Means

  1. A Website to Display or Sale its Product and services Display Product and Services Catalogue and portfolio, A Business card, Contact Forms, E-Mail Newsletter and Lead generation as applicable to Individual and Business.

  2. Social Media Presence Like Business Facebook Fan page, Google Business Listing, Twitter and Pinterest.

  3. Presence in Android and Apple App Store using Mobile App.


  • Role of Digital Marketing

Now let’s Say we have incorporated the above for a Business or Individual. So We have a Website with Our Product, services and Business portfolio, we have a FaceBook Fan Page for Our Business. We have Listed our Business In Google Business, We have Twitter Account for our Business. Because Ultimately we will also have to integrate payment Gateways with our Digital Channels so that we can Accept and Make Payments Digitally. So what do you think are we done? are we going to succeed with our effort till this point in time? The Answer is NO.So what is the Secret recipe for Success then? It is The Engagement and traffic that you are Able to drive on your Digital Channel Which Would determine your Success.

Key Factors to Determine Engagement and Traffic to follow your Digital Channels

  1. Content:-

    In a Modern world, Content is the King. All Your Digital Channel should have clear and precise content filled with Good Images, Animation Videos, and clear texts.

  2. Product or Services:-

    The Service or Product that you are selling, should meet the user expectation and Quality standards.

  3. NEWSLETTER and E-Mail Marketing:-

    We need E-Mail Contacts and Newsletter to Update the Customers on New Product or Service Launch. So that we can Offer and Promotion Coupons and Customer Greeting to Celebrate Events like Customer’s Birthday or Anniversary. Because this will increase customer acquisition and retention.

  4. Retargeting for Cart Abandonment and Wish listed Products:- 

    An Effective Retargeting and Conversion Strategy using Digital Marketing and Landing Page Optimisation. For example, an Online Book Store should keep track of customers Wishlist and Cart items. So that they could provide Customised offers through E-Mail or Mobile Notification. Because This will increase sales and conversion for those items.

  5. Customer Loyalty and Retention Initiative:-

    There Should be Customer Loyalty and Retention Initiative through Digital Campaign. For Example, Customer can be offered a money back to digital wallet and credit cards, Offers for Referral etc to increase loyalty.

  6. Develop Brand Awareness and Engagement:-

    Activities like

  • Build and Develop Brand Awareness and Brand Building activity through Social Media Campaign
  • Running Surveys on Your Website to collect Customer Preferences
  • Running award competition to Increase Engagement and Brand awareness.

Will Help in Long Run.


How to Create Digital Presence and How to Do Digital Marketing

No Matter how well you execute your strategy with respect to the above metrics, All your traffic will be landing to your website at the end of the Day. So Unless you have A Beautiful and Professional Website all your efforts would not achieve its worth. When designing a Website, One should Have the Following Criteria All Satisfied

  1. A Visually Appealing Theme and Design

  2. Mobile Responsive

  3. All the Images should be optimized.

  4. An Optimised Homepage or Landing Page which should Minimise the Bounce rates.

  5. The Website Should be Fast Loading

  6. It Should have an Optimum number of Call to Action activity to effectively Guide the User.

  7. Secure through SSL.

  8. Should not contain any Broken Inbound or Outbound Links.

  9. Search Engine Optimised to generate Recurring Organic Traffic.

  10. Domain Authenticity should be maintained.

  11. A Customised 404(Page Not Found) or a Website Under Schedule Maintenance Message should be Displayed.

  12. The Website Should be Integrated with Google and Bing Webmaster Tool for search engine Indexing and it should be linked to Google Analytics for Analysing Website traffic, Bounce Rate etc.

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