The best 15 Tools & Resources for Designers? They’re in this article

There can be various reasons for failing to deliver a
product on time. Take for example a situation in which progress grinds to a
halt because of a requirement or specification cannot be met because the
designer doesn’t have the means to satisfy it.

While your toolbox may be well stocked, there may be design
tools or design resources you frequently go to that are simply no longer up to
the task, even if they are long-time favorites.     

The 15 tools and resources for designers and agencies
described in this article are tops in their respective categories. They will
help you or your team be more productive, and in some cases, they could be

1. Be Theme

This multipurpose WordPress theme is hard to beat in terms
of its powerful array of core features, design options, flexibility, and ease
of use. Given that the sales of this long-time favorite web designer’s tool has
exceeded the 200,000 mark, you have every reason to believe that you’ll get a
huge return on your investment.

  • Be’s
    40+ core features give you the tools and flexibility you need to meet the most
    stringent of deadlines
  • Be’s
    Muffin Builder- Admin Panel-Shortcode Generator trio lets you drag and drop
    your way through a project without ever having to write a line of code.
  • If
    there was a single secret to Be’s success it would likely be the selection of
    600+ customizable (and responsive) pre-built websites that cover the major
    industry sectors, business niches, and website types and styles.
  • Be’s
    Layout Generator facilitates starting a page from scratch, plus you have ready
    access to a wealth of layout options to see your project through.

Click on the banner to find out what BeTheme can do for

2. Trafft Booking Software

Trafft is brand-new booking software, it features a modern design you can’t find elsewhere, and it’s a game-changer for booking operations management. Trafft simplifies workflows from beginning to end and can speed up your booking operation by more than 75%.

With Trafft at your fingertips you can:

  • Accept and manage bookings
  • Automatically send SMS and email notifications to clients
  • Fully integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Zoom
  • Customize the Trafft Booking Form to match your brand
  • Manage employee’s schedules, vacation days and days offs
  • Manage pricing and online payments

The above features are in place or on the way.  Since this application is still in an early
phase of operation you have an opportunity to help shape and improve this
product by signing up for the Early Bird Plan for $5.

Click on the banner for detailed information or to sign up.

3. wpDataTables

There are plenty of good table and chart-building app and
plugin options on the market, but the number of reliable ones diminishes
significantly if you require one or more of the following:

  • The
    ability to create tables and charts that are both responsive and interactive
  • Frontend
    editing that allows charts to be modified and easily maintainable
  • The
    ability to process vast amounts of data that can come from various sources and
    in various formats, and do so in a short amount of time
  • The
    ability to process real-time data, e.g., MySQL
  • The
    ability to highlight or color code key table or chart information

wpDataTables can do all the above and a great deal more.
Additional features include advanced filters, and a useful collection of
add-ons. The documentation is detailed and informative.

Click on the banner to learn more about this
best-in-its-class design tool. 

4. Amelia Booking Plugin

With the Amelia WordPress booking plugin you can manage
your client’s appointments, events, and employees’ schedules at multiple
locations from a single platform.

  • There
    is no limit to the number of clients, employees, appointments and events
  • Clients
    can book appointments 24/7 with ability to pay online, this waz zou ca reduce
    no shows and avoid dealing with payments yourself
  • Amelia
    easily integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Zoom, and Elementor
  • Clients
    and employees have their own dashboards to manage appointments and events form
    the front-end page of any WordPress website.

5. Uncode – Creative
Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This pixel-perfect creative multi-use theme is particularly
suitable for bloggers, freelancing creative types, agencies, and small
businesses. Its more than 80.000 sales have made it a ThemeForest best-seller.

With Uncode, you get:

  • An
    advanced Frontend Editor;
  • Comprehensive
    selections of over 400 section templates and 70 design concepts;
  • The
    WooCommerce Custom Builder that features Single Product Builder, the custom
    Cart, Checkout, and more.

When visiting the site, be sure to check out Uncode’s
impressive library of user-created websites.

6. LayerSlider

LayerSlider, a longtime favorite of web designers, isn’t
just for creating stunning sliders anymore. It has evolved into a multi-use
animation and content-creating application that is currently enjoyed by
millions of active users.

  • It’s
    the perfect tool for giving an old website a new life
  • Its
    animation features give designers unique ways to interact with visitors

LayerSlider is mobile device and SEO friendly, and since it
is drag and drop, there is no need for coding.

7. Dr. Link Check

Broken links can not only be frustrating to all parties
concerned but can have a negative impact on a site’s search engine rankings as
well. Dr. Link Check saves you the time and trouble of having to periodically
perform manual checks on your site.

Dr. Link Check:

  • Checks
    for broken links and improper URL formatting
  • Checks
    for malicious content and blacklisted sites
  • Checks
    for placeholder sites that lack meaningful content

8. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is fast, easy to use, offline, and free. This
website-building tool has lots of other things going for it as well.

  • Because
    it’s offline, you have total control over your design efforts
  • 4,000+
    website-building templates come with the package
  • Mobirise
    is drag and drop, so there’s no need to write code
  • Mobirise’s
    Google AMP and Bootstrap 4 frameworks guarantee top performance

You can download Mobirise to Windows or Mac at no cost.

9. 8b Website Builder

8b is a brand-new, easy to use website builder that is
futuristic in its design and that you can use on any device whether you are at
home or on the go.

  • Google
    AMP guarantees your site will be lightning-fast and mobile-friendly
  • There
    are no bandwidth or page number limits
  • You
    can link to the domain of your choosing

Download your own copy of 8b for free.

10. Total WordPress Theme

You might expect that a website building application that
was designed with perfection in mind would require a high-tech skill set to
operate. Total, on the other hand, is fast and super user friendly.

  • Features
    you are not using can be disabled so as not to slow you down
  • The
    Dynamic Template Function and Theme Customizer account for this tool’s impressive
  • Total
    is both WooCommerce and WordPress plugin friendly

11. Litho – The Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Its ready-made template blocks and professionally designed inner pages make this responsive multipurpose HTML5 template an excellent starting point for startup, agency, and small business website design.

  • Litho’s
    Bootstrap 4 framework guarantees fast performance
  • The
    package features 36+ home pages and 230+ ready templates, plus page styles for
    blog, shop, and portfolio websites
  • Hero
    sliders, interactive banners, contact forms, and other creative elements are
    also included

provides detailed documentation and 5-star user support.

12. XStore – The Most
Customizable WooCommerce Theme Ever

A word to the wise for anyone looking for a trouble-free
way to build an eCommerce website: Don’t overlook xStore!

A sampling of what you get for $39:

  • 100+
    good-to-go shops you can customize to meet your needs
  • More
    than $500 worth of top-of-the-line plugins
  • Single-product
    page and header builders
  • Built-in
    Woocommerce Email Builder
  • Full AJAX
    Theme & Multi-Vendor Marketplace

XStore will convice you that creating an eCommerce website
doesn’t have to be difficult.

13. Goodiewebsite

GOODIE helps people and businesses connect with web developers to get their sites reliably coded and up and running.

GOODIE is ideal for –

  • Small
    businesses looking for or seeking to amplify an online presence
  • Web
    designers who want to connect with a reliable web developer
  • Startups
    looking to test their business ideas and concepts on the web

specialties include small websites, WordPress websites, and eCommerce websites.

14. Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox helps businesses, large and small, manage their email inboxes.

Heroic Inbox, with its exceptionally friendly UI:

  • helps
    staffs share email assignments and manage responses
  • makes
    it possible for those same staffs to quickly achieve Inbox Zero status
  • tracks
    key metrics to better understand team performance


WhatFontIs can identify a font from an uploaded image in a matter of seconds. This application’s accuracy is built on top of AI algorithms and a huge database of over 700K fonts.

  • 60 or more related fonts can be shown for every uploaded image
  • WhatFontIs correctly identifies a submitted font 90% of the time
  • Cursive fonts can also be identified if the letters are separated

is the best font identifying tool for designers (professional or amateurs).


Your web design toolbox is no doubt filled with a
collection of valuable industry tools, tips, and tricks. There might even be a
few old favorites in it that you would be reluctant to replace with something

But while it’s important to keep current by seeking out the
latest and greatest tools for designers out there, it can be time consuming and
at times frustrating to do so.

We are happy to be able to assist you by sharing these top
15 tools and resources for designers and agencies. Choosing one or more will
help you stay on top of your design game and might even make your day.

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