Facebook Retargeting Ads For Beginners | Retargeting Ads Tutorial 2019

What’s up you guys so in this video would break down Retargeting remarketing, whatever you want to call us basically the same thing So I want to first show you guys some results and then I’m gonna actually jump in and set up an actual remarketing retargeting campaign for you So to kind of get the idea in your head of like what this is if you guys have never really heard about it basically when you’re on Amazon and you go look up a product and then you click off to all these other blogs or websites or wherever you’re at and There’s little ads showing up at that exam exact product that you’re looking at.

That is Remarketing because you were initially you’re looking at it and then they’re marketing They’re remarketing marketing again to you because you already show interest in that product Now the crazy thing about this is the results that you’re able to see with retargeting with remarking It’s absolutely insane. Ok. So look right here guys, and some some campaigns are obviously better than others I’m going to show you guys a few different ones So this is people that have went through and they saw our an issue This is for a real estate business, right? They went in saw the initial Webinar sales page and then they didn’t buy for one reason or another Okay Now if they didn’t buy, you know That’s totally good But there could be a number of reasons why they did it by now if we want to go through and use real leverage of Facebook ads we can show these little ads just those specific people and We can get them coming back to our business now One thing is is our webinar is a thousand dollars sometimes as much as fifteen hundred dollars depending on the promotion that we’re doing and so sometimes That they just might not have enough money at the time to go through and spend on that so you can see right here We follow up with them with a one hundred ninety nine dollar offer for every one that saw the webinar sales page in the last 14 days now if we go back here, I can’t remember the exact budget Look at this guy’s we’ve got a dollar and fifty cents a dollar and a dollar per day so now if we go and look at the actual Purchases over here, okay So these purchases actually represent a one hundred ninety nine dollar purchase because that’s what we’re sending them to and you can see This one, you know, it’s pretty good.

It’s not absolutely killer. This one’s absolutely crushing it right here But this so this two that represents a hundred and ninety nine dollar purchase. So we’ve got two at $199. So we’ve made basically three hundred ninety-eight dollars and we’ve spent a hundred and fifty seven with a cost per purchase of $78 now you look at this one. We have nine purchases. Okay, nine purchases is $199 that’s like what is that eighteen hundred dollars? It costs us six dollars and seventeen cents per purchase and we’ve spent a total of fifty five dollars So we spent a total of fifty five dollars and we’ve made eighteen hundred dollars From this campaign right here. Then this one is really good as well. Got two purchases at 199 so 398 so $19 to make $199 purchase that’s basically a 10 X or a Y right there and So I just want to show you guys how powerful this can be So this is another one and this is retargeting people that saw that webinar sales page, but I’m remarketing back to get that 997 offer so this every time you see a purchase right here These are a thousand dollar Purchases actually so you can see we’ve got a couple of fours down here and not every single one Works and converts it a hundred percent perfectly, right, but you can see some of these winners we’ve got twelve purchases.

So that’s basically $12,000 we’ve spent thirteen hundred dollars to make twelve thousand and we had a cost per purchase of a hundred and thirteen dollar so Typically with a cold market cold audience some people that don’t know who we are. It’ll cost us anywhere between 350 to 400 dollars to get that 1,000 dollar purchase or is this it only costs us a hundred and thirteen dollars now you can see right here Some of them didn’t work as well. But we’ve got other ones 191 this one 94 dollars eighty six dollars 56 bucks 84 dollars 89 166 you can see the ROI that you’re you can be getting here and with this one, too I’m probably spending a very minimal since most of these are like just five dollars per day See, this is only one I’ve got turned on right now So these other ones that it’s doing some tests wanted to get some quick results in but five bucks a day The other ones I was just doing literally a dollar a dollar fifty per day So I want to kind of paint that picture for you all okay? So now what I want to do is I want to go in and actually set this up completely step-by-step So this is gonna be a little bit longer video, but I want to show you guys exactly how to make this happen Okay.

So first of all, we’re gonna come over here to let’s say clickfunnels We’re using clickfunnels this whole same thing will work with Arsenal or whatever System you guys are using So for example for this course right here that we’ve got I I do a webinar and this is the sales page now that you’ve probably seen the sales page right here Now if somebody hits this page, okay we know that they’ve at least probably seen the webinar and They typed in this page, so they showed interest enough to actually type in this URL to check out what’s going on You can see we’ve got all the testimonials here.

We’ve got what they’re gonna get We’ve got the the payment plan all that stuff. And so we’ve got all the information on this offer But then we can go through and track every one that hits this page We can track everyone who hit this page and then if they go through and they complete the order on that last page They’re gonna hit this page right over here this confirmation page and So we know anyone that hit this page right here. They completed the purchase and they are a buyer Okay, so we don’t want to include necessarily anyone that hit this page in that target audience to remarket to because they already bought right, but if people hit this page We know we want to remarket to them because they definitely showed interest and then if they click to this page the checkout page But didn’t hit this page I mean that person is even that much more likely to go through and buy because they at least they read through this page They saw what they liked.

They liked what they saw they hit and roll now They went to the checkout page and they were just one step away from completing that last step So what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna actually go through and create a couple of custom audiences Defect el Facebook that we want to track everyone that hits this page We want to track everyone that hits this page and then we want to also track everyone that hit this page to be able to Distinguish between the different groups when we’re going through and setting up our ad campaign. Okay, so What we’re gonna do first We’re going to grab this URL And we are gonna come over here and create a we’re gonna go to the audiences right here or just type in audiences We’ll type this in and then we’re gonna create a custom audience Custom audience of website traffic Okay. Now we’re gonna say we’re gonna do all visitors people who visited specific web pages Okay, and we could say for retargeting guys a lot of times I don’t like the max number of days you can go back is 180 But a lot of times I don’t like to go that far back because they saw it 180 days ago.

So that’s six months They probably already forgot about your offer. Okay, so I usually like to go probably 14 to 21 days So I would probably just do 14 days. And so it’s a very small Market, but these are extremely hot qualified people. Okay, so we’re gonna paste this URL in here We’ll say view the name is a viewed webinar we’ll say Facebook Ads Webinar Sales page. Okay, so we know that they viewed this now you can even go through and include or exclude Okay, you can say include more and so we can say hey all people That viewed this check check out page right here. So we could say everyone who viewed it in the last 14 days People visit this specific page boom. So it says this who viewed this page or Viewed this page and then we can even go a little bit further and we can say hey and we want to exclude We can exclude everyone that has visited This page and this one I would go probably all-time just because it really doesn’t matter because if they’ve already bought from you It doesn’t matter so you can either go through and create each one of these audience’s individually or you can go through and kratom all in this one audience, which would be like viewed Facebook webinar sales page but No purchase Ok viewed Facebook at webinar Will say sales because there would be sales or checkout page, right? So we’ll just say sales But no purchase just because we don’t have enough characters right there.

So you can see this. It’s anyone who’s visited this site so this one right here or Anyone who’s visited this checkout page right here? Okay, but nobody excluding anyone who hit this page because they have already Bought our item so we don’t need to go through and spend money and waste ad dollars showing to those people. Okay? so now we can go in here and we can create this audience and This probably had it probably is not a big enough audience yet because I haven’t really gone through and launched this course yet But we’re just gonna hit done. Okay, so you can see it’s now Populating this audience. Okay. So now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come back here to the ads manager.

Okay This is a literally step by step everything I do and this is how I’m setting up this ad campaign I’m doing like right here in front of you guys. Okay, so I go and I hit crate. I’m gonna do a new campaign And because I’m only gonna be spending a dollar to a dollar and fifty per day since it’s such a small audience I’m just gonna be doing a traffic campaign. Okay, so I’m gonna say this one is Remarketing to webby sales page and I’d probably do Facebook Ads Webby sales page right there.

Okay. So these the crazy split test and budget optimization for a remarketing campaign You don’t really need because that’s more for when you’re going broad. We’re gonna hit continue and Then we’re gonna say viewed sales slash checked out page But no Purchase, okay Then as we come down here a little bit. We’re gonna choose our custom audience So we’re gonna choose This audience that we just created Kay viewed Facebook Ads webinar sales page but no purchase now because we already did the inclusion of These two pages and the exclusion of this page when we went through and created the initial Audience we don’t need to do any exclusion here Now if we didn’t do that, and we created them all separate audiences So we’ve created one audience for this per page One audience for this page and one audience for this page then what we would do is go through And we would say custom audience Let’s say this is everyone that viewed that first sales page and then we would also say everyone the LinkedIn contacts Let’s say that that one so let’s say demo All website visitors is everyone to view the checkout page and then let’s say the LinkedIn contacts is all the buyers So then we would just exclude Where is it the LinkedIn contacts right there? So we just exclude that So the same thing can be set up when you’re actually setting up the targeting at the ad set level But because we just went did that earlier All you got to do is just come in here and just choose this one audience and it’s gonna include everyone you need Exclude everyone you need and you’re all set to go.

Okay now as far as going diving deeper into the targeting because this is such a small and very Specific group of people you don’t need to go through and mess with any of this other targeting You don’t have to change the age or language or gender or anything because it’s only tracking those people that specifically hit that page so now We’re gonna come down here and do is I like to go through and for this this is just a dollar a day And it’s maybe let’s say it’s only twenty to thirty people is small small audience I like to do the automatic placements which is recommended because Like when you’ve got thirty people like they’re not going to be always all the time on Facebook or all the time on Instagram or on the newsfeed so you want to be able to gather? Every possible person that’s gonna be going on all these different platforms So I like to keep it at the automatic placements because it’s such a small audience now coming down here I would literally just start with the dollar a day now if you’re running a lot of traffic, okay, and you know There’s a lot of people hitting both of these pages right here Then you can bump it up to a dollar fifty or two dollars or whatever but honestly guys you only need to do a dollar a day and then You can go through and as I mentioned earlier as far as the Optima topped emission for ad delivery The link clicks that means that they clicked on the Facebook ad But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the landing page loaded Okay, so it says increased website views switch the landing page views.

This is probably what I would recommend This is what I typically do is I do the landing page views because that means that they’re only tracking People that they clicked on your ad and the page actually loaded Okay So that’s just some good detail some good information to have Because you’ll like so if someone has bad cell service and they’re LTE slow or the Wi-Fi is bad or whatever They click on it. It’s gonna count that click, but it’s not going to count Any but it’s not gonna really give you the true data of people actually hitting that page. Okay? so now when we come down here, we’ll sit continue and We’re gonna go through and create the app Now what I typically like to do just so you know I like to do a single video ad just so it’s like I want to break this down exactly how I legitimately do this Okay I do a single video ad I shoot a quick video and It’s just like on my phone doesn’t have to be professional or anything I say hey, I saw that you were checking out the Facebook ads webinar sales page But you know for some reason you you didn’t take the leap you didn’t go through and purchase and then at this point One you’re gonna want to invite them to go back and make the purchase But maybe you can go through and add an extra bonus or say.

Hey Yeah so some type of bonus some type of call to action some type of incentive one to remind them to get to go back and Something that can maybe push them over that edge or say. Hey if you have any questions, you know, shoot it Shoot a quick message me down below and we want to help you get those questions answered Okay, so it’s just a simple way of getting in front of all all these hot hot prospects Without really having to go spend that manual labor of jumping on the phone. It’s just a very leveraged way of doing business Okay, so jump on there. Hey, I saw you were on the Facebook webinar Facebook Ads webinar and sounds like you know, you liked it because you jump to the sales page and For some reason, you know, you didn’t jump in and buy here’s some bonus to push you over the edge or another thing I like to do is going through and having a testimonial video of somebody who’s had amazing results with this uploading their video telling about their story and then down here in the text being saying like hey, I saw you watched the Facebook Ads webinar and I’m just doing this quick guys, but like you can kind of get the idea but Did not purchase the six-figure Facebook Ads masterclass and then so now at this point if you’re doing a testimonial video of one of your previous students, you can say Hear what Johnny had to say and then I would just like kind of recap what he said Okay, so I kind of tell like in quotes they’re like experience And they use my reminder here like get started today to see similar Results to Johnny and then have the link out to that sales page again So I’m linking them back out to this exact sales page to resell them on What the offer is because you don’t want to send them to the checkout page Because the person wasn’t didn’t buy because they weren’t fully sold So this sales page needs to have the selling points it needs to be able to sell that person on why they should actually put their credit card in and Make the purchase right here.

Okay, so there’s one way or you can say hey, I saw you didn’t purchase so we’re gonna come in here and say like I Wanted to add a special bonus for you When you get started today For everyone That gets started I’ll Do X right you’ll add some extra training Maybe you’ll jump on a phone call with them or you know Kind of give them a little bit extra love to kind of push them over that edge those are kind of the two different formats two different ways that I like to go through and Do these retargeting ads as you can see it’s very simple.

And ideally this should be from a Facebook page that has your Profile picture and your name something that they’re gonna recognize from seeing you on the webinar or on you know? And this is not just for a webinar, right? This is for any type of business it could maybe be like they Visited your your website or they visit your blog and they read a blog post and they liked it But you know for some reason they didn’t go through and purchase or they were on your ecommerce store Right and they were checking out a specific product.

And for some reason they didn’t go through and buy Okay, so there’s there’s a lot of different simple things So like you could add a testimonial of somebody using that product someone using your services or a little extra bonus Hey, if you if you buy this protein supplement today, we’ll throw in a pre-workout for you as well Okay, and then as a remember reminder, I throw in the link is to the actual sales page because they weren’t fully sold the first time so we have to actually sell them and then the headline is It could be referring back to The fact that they were on the page, but they didn’t buy souls like weight Gets this cool bonus to something like that or wait See Johnnie’s Amazing results or something like that rights just to kind of like get them like wait Like don’t like pay attention to this kind of type of thing And yes, it sounds may be a little bit annoying but that’s what works.

That’s what I’ve seen work Well, and then I like to have learn more as always. I usually just like to use out all call to actions and Then from here you just hit confirm and that’s literally it guys. That’s all you got to do we went we set up the audiences and we Excluded the right ones we hit the budget We walked through the whole Facebook ad set up So you guys should be set up and ready to go through and create your own Facebook remarketing Retargeting campaign.

So once again if you guys do have questions on this of who to include exclude or Different situations. I know what this one was very like webinar heavy focus the same thing could happen if this is like you know a page for your e-commerce product or a blog post or Whatever business you might be and maybe it’s you’re working with Dennis or chiropractors And this is their initial appointment scheduling page, right? You can go through and target these same people so for example, I can go through and This is for everyone This is where we send people to go through and schedule a call with us to schedule an appointment right now I can track everyone that visited this page but didn’t visit the next page after the confirmation of the call goes through and Same type of thing. I can remind them. Hey, we saw that you you were checking out to look book a call with us but something happened we want to go through and let you remind you to jump back in or kind of after offer than said or Here was you know hunters testimony here was his experience and just kind of move forward like that so anyway guys once again drop your comments or your questions in the facebook ads group or in the Facebook group so we can get those answered and With that said go set up your Facebook remarketing campaign.

They work extremely well, and we’ll see you in the next video .

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