A Complete Guide To Land In Your Dream Job in 2019 | Jobs For Freshers in 2019

If You Are trying to find your Dream Job in 2019, we will define a step by step roadmap to Land into your Dream Job in this article.

So, There Could be Multiple Questions that might come to your mind like How Can I Make A Good Job As A Fresher? Or How Do I Get A Job With No Experience? or How to Get Job In MNC’s for Freshers? Do not worry, You will get Answer to all your Questions In This Article.

If we Try to Analyse the current aspect of getting a decent job as a Fresh Engineering Graduate, The future looks a bit Gloomy would be at least to say. Because We All Know That The No Of Colleges and No Of Engineering students passing out has grown exponentially each year but the Jobs Available for them has not seen any significant Growth in recent years. So, This Has created an imbalance between the demand of new Engineering Graduates coming out of colleges vs Their Rate of Consumption as an employee across multiple sectors In India and Abroad.

If you want to Land into your Dream Job in 2019 or Make A Good Job As A Fresher or Get A Job With No Experience, You will have to overcome the following challenges

  • Key Challenges to Land into your Dream Job in 2019 are

1. Excess Supply of Engineers As Compared to Industry Demand

According to “The Economic Times”, 94% of the New Engineering Graduates are unable to meet the Industry Expectations. Please Go through the ET Article below

2. The Companies are Going to Be More Choosy to Select the Perfect Candidate for them

As there are excess supplies of Engineers, the recruitment firms are going to select the candidates after a strict evaluation process. So, The Entry test will effectively become an elimination test with an objective to eliminate more and more job aspiring candidates. Because The Key Objective of Any Recruiter will become to select the BEST OF THE BEST Candidates for them.


3. The Gaps between Industry Requirement and Traditional University Curriculum Are Widening each Year

The Tech Industry Has changed at a very rapid pace in the last decade. But unfortunately, the Universities have not listened to its call. So This has resulted in a huge gap between what the Universities are teaching and what the Industries are expecting. Because Most of the Indian Universities Curriculum are not practical oriented. So This resulted the students are lacking implementation skills which are a must-have Industry Requirement.


4. Global Economic Changes and Technical Advancement

The Global Economy is seeing a huge competition and cost optimization across all the Industries. So The Key aspect of this is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysts and Automation. Because all these Technologies are Going to Cut down Millions, if not Billions of Traditional Jobs.


Now, As you Understand The Challenges, You need to Stand out from The Others. So This Will Definitely Maximise your Chances of Landing into your Dream Job in 2019. Because If you want to Get the Best Job As A Fresher Or With No Prior Experience, you need to stand out from the crowd and make your mark.


·       The Key Success Factors to Land into your Dream Job in 2019 or Get A Good Job As A Fresher Or Get A Job With No Experience or To Get Job In MNC’s for Freshers are

  1. A Good Basic Aptitude Skill

The Basic Aptitude is to evaluate the students understanding of Basic principles of Mathematics and English as these skills are fundamental of any successful individual. Because This will give you the maximum opportunity as you clear more and more Aptitude Round.

  1. A Stand Out Profile

To Stand out from the Crowd, You Must have an Excellent CV which should reflect your personality, Because Your Education, Your Extracurricular Activities and Your Project Portfolio should reflect in your CV. So Apart From the Printed Paper CV, It will be Nice to Have a Digital Profile In the form of a Website. Because this will create an unique impression to Showcase all your Project Portfolios Online.


  1. A Modern Technical Skillset

To Get A Good Job, One must have Modern Technical Skills As Required In the Industry. Because If you look at the Future, The following are going to be important

  • Programming Languages Python and Java
  • Data Analytics:- Big Data, Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning and AI:- Python and R Programming
  • Web Development:- Javascript, Django with python, Nodejs and React

If you choose any one of these technology stacks and Dive into that to complete two portfolio project on that will definitely make your profile look way better. So you will stand out from the crowd.


  1. Communication Skill, Soft Skill, And Interpersonal Skills


Groom Your Personality to Develop a Good Interview Dressing Sense, Greeting Eticate, and Communication Skill. Because You must be able to speak well in English. So if you want to Get a Job in Europe, then learning the German Language will make a huge difference. While Answering any question, always make eye contact with the Interviewer. Always Keep your body poster straight and Positive. Do not look stressed out while answering the question. Because Feeling relaxed and Cozy will reflect your confidence.


  1. Keep A Positive Mindset and Always Look for Upcoming Opportunities.

No Matter How Well you prepare yourself, Failures may come into your way. So Remember that Everyday there is a new sunrise and Every Failure is Pillers of Success. Apply for New Jobs and Keep Positive mindset. Success will definitely follow you.




Roadmap To Land into your Dream Job in 2019 or Get A Good Job As A Fresher Or Get A Job With No Experience or To Get Job In MNC’s for Freshers are


Please Complete the Survey Below and We will Send You a complete personalize roadmap so that you can land in your dream job in 2019

Get Me The Road Map For Dream Job In 2019


  1. 1.Road Map To Preparation of Aptitude Test:-

First of all, you need to know that the majority of companies conduct their Aptitude test online. And 100% of them are objective type.
Sections covered under this head are:-

  • Quantitative Aptitude.

  • Logical Reasoning.

  • Verbal.


This book is indispensable for aptitude exams. Because No other book will clear your concepts as profoundly as this one. So Many times, questions are asked directly from this book (with the same numerical values).
Always keep in mind that not all the topics within Quant are equally important.
Lay more emphasis on topics like:-
1. Time & Work.
2. Number Systems.
3. Probability, Permutation & Combination (Little differences between these 2 topics).
4. Time & Distance.
5. Percentages & Ratios.

But, the questions asked to vary from company to company, so don’t take the risk and try to cover as much as you can.
So There are some topics which you can wholeheartedly discard:-
1. Stocks & Shares.
2. Races & Games of Skill.
3. Logarithms.
4. True Discount.
5. Banker’s Discount.

P.S – This book will also help you in preparing for government exams.


As such, I didn’t refer to any book for this section. But if you want, you can go for “VERBAL & NON VERBAL REASONING BY R.S AGGARWAL 
Again, all topics are not supposed to be given equal efforts. So Pay more heed to:-
1. Series Completion (Extremely important).
2. Puzzle Test (more commonly called as Seating Arrangement)
3. Blood relations.
4. Direction test.
5. Coding Decoding

Usually, from what I have seen, picture-based questions are not asked. Because even if they are Asked, they are in scarce amount. But still, I don’t want you to take a risk.
So, this book too will help you in cracking government exams.


Most common questions asked in this section are:-
1. Reading Comprehension (Extremely important).
2. Para Jumbles.
3. Fill in the blanks (Based on Grammar).
4. Synonyms & Antonyms.
5. Summary of a Para (Don’t worry, options will be there)

For this section, read as much as you can. Because Reading will improve your comprehension and also vocabulary.  But I prefer to just online material for this section.
Go to websites like:-
Make this website your bible. Because This single source can place you in multiple companies. Because It contains interview experiences, previous placement papers, section wise questions and what not. So Every resource you require is there on this website.

2. Road Map To Create A Stand Out Profile:-

To Create a Stunning Visual CV Template, You can Download the below Free CV Templates With Stunning Visual Effects.

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The Other way around would be to create a Digital CV With a Good Profile Portfolio Website. Because This Can help you to Showcase your ability with Real Life Projects and Problem Solving Skills. So Please Get In Touch With Us to Create A Digital Portfolio

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3. Road Map To Succeed In Your Interview

We Have Collected Answers to Commonly Asked Interview Questions. So Please Download the below PDF Guide. Because this would Help you in Clearing all kind of Interviews.

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Now, If you want to prepare for specific Subjects, Please Get In Touch with Us. Because We can Guide you with the Complete end to end Support.


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